Today, on International Women’s Day there is talk about empowerment, achievement, how far we have come and how far we still have to go. But through all of this feminist conversation there is little talk about the one thing that really unites us – Periods!

But Shhhh – you can’t talk about it! Menstruation is something that is not discussed or talked about, especially on a business platform like LinkedIn! But hey, today is about everything female and like it or not that includes periods.

Yoni, the Dutch organic sanitary providers do a great job of breaking the taboo and talking about what’s between our legs. I love their matter of fact-ness about the whole thing and made me think of the organisation ‘Days for Girls’ who also bring feminine hygiene out of the bathroom and into everyday life.

Days for Girls is a non-profit organisation providing access to menstrual care and education reaching over one million girls and women, in over 120 countries. Their goal is to raise awareness for how periods affect women with work, school and therein education as well as general well being. Their aim is to reach supporters who are looking to support and empower women.

To help raise awareness, Days for Girls made use of Google Ad Grants. They felt that by investing time in Google Ad Grants it would lead to further donations, e-commerce sales, and subscriptions to their newsletters. Days for Girls made use of conversation data tracking which enabled them optimise their campaigns and allocate spend more efficiently by learning about the types of search queries which lead to meaningful actions on the website.

Days for Girls is a great example of how the Google Ad Grants experience can work. In the 60 days they ran the campaign using their Google Ad Grants, they raised $5000 with average donations increasing to $212. As well as successfully increasing their fundraising, they also increased conversation about their organisation, adding a further tracked 400 communications to their normal web presence. In 60 days, there is no denying that this is very impressive for something that is usually not discussed.

If nothing else, this goes to show that by making use of online fundraising and Google Ad Grants, charities and organisations who work in some of the most taboo topics can be the subject of conversation. This post goes to show that!